Our Platform

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Securing A Brighter Future for Lexington's 1st District


I have worked in our neighborhoods to understand our challenges and explore opportunities to improve public safety, and have already created initiatives in our communities to push safety forward. This includes community activities such as Peace Walks and Church at the Park. While that’s a start, my focus as Councilman will be to provide the resources we need to secure our communities so that all residents can have peace of mind in their homes and throughout their neighborhoods.



While Lexington continues to enjoy the benefits of exponential growth, we want to maintain the best parts of our rich culture. It’s a new age, but our roots run deep in the 1st District. Instead of erasing our past, we will find neighborhood rejuvenation opportunities that help us preserve the history and culture and identity of our beloved community.



Cultivating and supporting small businesses creates both entrepreneurial and job opportunities. Small businesses must grow, thrive, and build a legacy in our 1st District neighborhoods. To do this, we’ll work with the Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration, and other neighborhood partners to create opportunities to train and support new and existing small businesses.

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I love our community and have made it my life’s work to protect, serve, and enhance Lexington for over twenty-five years. By continuing to serve you in the 1st District, we will focus on prioritizing three major areas:

It has been my privilege to serve this city throughout my career as a peace officer.  Now, I am ready to serve this community in the 1st District as your representative and advocate on the City Council.  Allow me to be your voice. I will show you marked and measurable differences beyond just words.  Help me be the change you want to see and come along with me. When I represent the 1st District, our voices will be heard.

~ Rahsaan Berry